Here  Top Delhi Airforce Academy – Learn With Sumit Defence Academy will tell you about the Indian air force that how can make your carrier in the Indian air force and we cover all eligibility criteria and exam patterns that help you to take your decision. 

The Airforce X and Y Group Exam are conducted by the Air Force Selection Board. Through this exam, one can join the technical and Non-Technical Branches of the Indian Air force as an Airmen. The X group is for the technical entries while the Y group is for the non-technical entries. The vacancy is released together. Let’s see the details about the selection process, Eligibility Criteria and Exam details etc.

Eligibility Criteria

The Selection of the candidate for the Air force X Group (Technical) and Y Group (non-technical) is done in the following phases:

  • Stage 1: Online Examination
  • Stage 2: Physical Fitness Test
  • Stage 3: Medical Exam
  • Stage 4: All India Merit.

Written Examination:

The Online Exam is basically a written examination that would be conducted to check the basic and theoretical knowledge of the candidate. In the written exam, one will be asked from the following subjects:

  • English
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • General Awareness etc

Physical Fitness Test:

This test is conducted to check the candidate’s physical capacity. In the PFT, One has to appear for the following physical activities:

  • 1.6 km of running to be completed in 8 minutes.
  • Push-ups
  • Pull-ups
  • Squats etc

Medical Exam:

The Medical exam is the important phase of selection. A candidate must be medically fit in all manner. The medical tests would be conducted under the guidance of the military doctors at the military hospital.

All India Rank: This is the last phase of selection but plays an important role. On the basis of the performance in the Written Exam, Physical Fitness Test and Medical Exam. The All India Merit List will be prepared and only top candidates will be selected finally.

  • A candidate must be an Indian.
  • For X Group: A candidate should have pass class 12th with physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with a minimum of 50% mark or Three years Diploma Course in Engineering in any stream.
  • For Y Group: A candidate should have passed class 12th in any stream from the government recognized Board with overall 50% marks and 50% marks in English individually.
  • Age Limit: The age of the candidate should not be less than 17 years old and it should not be more than 21 years old.
  • There is no relaxation has been to any candidate, it will be same for all.


Paper Availability of Forms Date of Examination
X & Y GROUP Dec /Jan March / April

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    How to prepare for Airforce X and Y Group Exam:

    The Top Airforce Academy in Delhi has started by five defence personnel and the vision of the Learn With Sumit Defence Academy is to give quality learning and give the best cadets to the Indian air force and other defence services. The Airforce Exam is one of the toughest exams and for this, you require proper preparation with dedication and discipline. If you want to join the Indian Air Force then the Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy is the best option for you because of our course and suitable training, and knowledge for the exam.

    We have Ex-Air Force Officers and staff Examiners that provide proper training and give you, their experience. The Airforce Interview is something that no ordinary teacher can prepare for. But the Learn With Sumit Defence Academy which is the Top Airforce Academy in Delhi have this type of qualified teacher and they know the process and can give you a clear success path to get qualified in the air force. The Air force interview requires OLQs (Officer’s Like Qualities). To pass the interview, one must imitate that officer’s qualities. Join the academy to crack your exam on the first attempt without wasting your time and money.

    Several institutions work in the subject of defence examinations nowadays, however before choosing any Top Airforce Academy in Delhi, one should assess the information available about these academies. Aspects such as the course, duration of the course, and pricing structures, among others, must also be considered. 

    Many people wish to pass the AirForce X and Y tests. And only the top coaching institute can give this dream wings. In this scenario, the Top Airforce Academy in Delhi-Learn With Sumit Defence Academy has been decided to be the top Airforce X and Y Coaching in the Delhi area.

    Top Airforce Academy in Delhi-Learn With Sumit Defence Academy, located amid this vibrant metropolis, is your best option for joining the world of defence services, specialising in a range of exclusive courses such as NDA/CDS, AFCAT/NAVY, AIR FORCE, and also incorporating SSB interview preparation and fundamental foundation for NDA.

    Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy is attempting to preserve his legacy by offering a world-class educational facility that assists aspirants in becoming intellectually and physically prepared to achieve their desire of entering the Air force.

    But what makes the institute the finest in Delhi for Air Force X and Y coaching? In both online and offline formats, the institute delivers the best and most experienced faculty for Airforce X and Y coaching. 

    Aside from that, proper assistance, great study materials, and the best learning environment are the keys that distinguish the institute.

    The Top Airforce Academy’s continuous success is shown in the results of Airforce X and Y exams, which are sufficient to fulfil your search for the top Airforce X and Y tutoring in the Delhi region.

    What you get in Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy

    • Well-researched Study material
    • Regular physical training sessions
    • Monthly unit test
    • All India Mock test just before the AFCAT Examination
    • Online test series
    • Monthly Parent Teacher Meeting
    • Doubt removal classes
    • Orientation sessions
    • Regular Interaction with selected candidates
    • SSB Interview Classes
    • Hostel Facility

    Extra Classes:  Top Airforce Academy in Delhi- Learn With Sumit Defence Academy offer a unique provision for those who require extra classes. We focus on every student individually, and if any kid is weak in any topic, we offer extra courses to help them comprehend better.

    AC ClassRooms: All of our classrooms have air conditioning. For improved learning, we want our pupils to study in a pleasant setting.

    Separate Batches: (Hindi & English): Many students come from beyond the station, thus we provide hostel facilities on campus for them so that they may comfortably stay here. Our campus’s environment is safe and secure, making students feel at ease.

    Accommodation: Every weekend, Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy run a test series based on the examination format. This enables pupils to identify their strengths and weaknesses.

    Weekly Test Series: We understand that professors are a wealth of information, thus we have highly experienced professors on our campus that can teach students a lot.

    Affordable Fee Structure: We offer a low pricing structure so that every student may benefit from our coaching and achieve their goals.

    Faculties: We follow the most recent syllabus as mandated by the examination authority. We consistently keep students up to date on the newest developments.

    Latest Syllabus: We administer the online exam by the exam pattern to adequately prepare pupils.

    Online exam: We make every effort to ensure that our students are satisfied in every way.

    Personal Assistance: Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy will give students personal assistance for those who have some doubts.

    Quality education is provided to pupils at the Top Airforce Academy in Delhi- Learn With Sumit Defence Academy. The institute has been named one of Delhi’s top institutes. It is regarded as the Top Airforce Academy in Delhi. It has achieved significant success by training students to be put in their desired service. It is Delhi’s premier coaching facility for the X and Y groups.

    We have a very solid track record of past pupils who were picked for various positions and made their parents and we pleased. We are working hard to expand the number of students so that we can assist them in realising their dreams.The Top Airforce Academy in Delhi– Learn With Sumit Defence Academy provides all defence-related courses which you explore and take knowledge to decide to choose the best carrier option for you.

    If you are already serving in defence and want to get a higher rank in your field this course is quite beneficial to improve your knowledge and rank.

    So, you can check out this course also- Army cadets and courses (ACC)

    Topics Covered

    English Physics Mathematics
    I Comprehension
    To judge comprehension
    Drawing of inferences
    Use of vocabulary
    Physical World & Measurement
    Laws of Motion
    Work, Energy & Power
    Sets, Relations, functions
    Trigonometric functions
    Inverse Trigonometric functions
    Complex Numbers
    II Composition
    Agreement of subject with verb
    Pattern of verb and their use.
    Transformation of sequences-Compound, Complex,
    Simple, Negative, Affirmative.
    Motion of System of particles & Rigid Body
    Properties of Bulk Matter
    Behaviour of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of gases
    Quadratic Equations
    Sequence & Series (AP & GP)
    Binomial Theorem
    III Grammar
    Word formation
    Antonyms and Synonyms
    One word substitution
    Correct usage of adjectives-degrees of comparison
    Correct usage of Nouns and Pronouns
    Correct usage of numbers (Singular-Plural)
    Words, which are commonly getting confused
    Word order
    Correct usage of Adverbs
    Oscillations & Waves
    Magnetic effect of current & Magnetism
    Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
    Electromagnetic Waves
    Dual Nature of Matter
    Atoms and Nuclei
    Electronic Devices
    Communication Systems
    Coordinate geometry – Straight line
    Coordinate geometry – Circles
    Coordinate geometry – Parabola
    Coordinate geometry – Hyperbola
    Exponential Series
    Logarithmic Series
    Limit & Continuity
    Application of Differentiation
    Indefinite Integrals
    Use of simple idioms
    Use of Common proverbs
    Definite Integrals
    Application of Integration
    Deferential Equations
    Direct / Indirect sentences : Narration change
    Change of various types of sentences from direct to indirect form
    Change of various types of sentences from indirect to direct form
    Paper Pattern
    Active and Passive Voices
    Change of all types of sentences from active to passive form
    Change of all types of sentences from passive to active form


    Duration Course Name/Code Application Form Charge Course Fee* GST Applicable on Tuition Fee Total Payable Amount
    1 Year Vijyant/2101 Rs.500/- Rs.35,000/- Rs.63,00/- Rs.41,800/-
    6 Months Vijyant/2102 Rs.500/- Rs.25,000/- Rs.45,00/- Rs.30,000/-
    3 Months Vijyant/2101 Rs.500/- Rs.15,000/- Rs.27,00/- Rs.18,200/-



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