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What Our Students Say's

Sujay S

Good morning sir, Learn with Sumit is a wonderful YouTube channel and very helpful for defense aspirants. My personal experience is that it has huge amount of exam content which is easily accessible and free of cost. It is created by well experienced teachers and has given good results. Especially the current affairs marathon classes and history ncert highlighted pdf which are far more better than any guide available for NDA. Talking about SSB, classes of Koustubh sir is short, to the point and very beneficial for freshers. I hope Learn with Sumit will grow high by the efforts of it's team and God's grace and will contribute worthy officers to the armed forces and other government jobs. Thank you sir for giving me this opportunity🙏🙏🙏


Lws is a true bliss for aspirants preparing from home and living in areas with limited or no resources to prepare for exam , providing quality material on YouTube for free . Time has proven that the last moment revision marathon are extremely helpful , hundreds of students are testimonials to it . The approachable-ness and simplicity of Sumit sir makes students comfortable in asking doubts and they (the students) don't feel intimidated around him , this quality makes him different from other teachers available online or offline as well. When years of experience comes together with such nature the results are outstanding as proved every year . My advice to all the aspirants is that , if you are willing to prepare with right earnest and have a positive mindset LWS is the place to be .

Himanshu Chaudhary

Learn with sumit or commonly known as sumit sir is one of the best faculty ever existed for NDA, he literally makes the most complex topics easy by the most ubiquitous ways. His teaching makes the topics easily grasped by the student who haven't actually heard of the things before. I'll not forget the way he taught the Gandhian Era in which I was least interested but that became my favourite part and gradually got interested in GS. He also motivates and counsel the students besides teaching in classes I give all my credit to him and will be thankful to him for being part of my journey and to make it possible.. thanks a lot. Jai hind

Hemant Yadav Designation

Excellent learning experience......from school only I was not interested in history, polity, geography,polity at all.... But the teaching style of Sumit sir made each and every topic very interesting like a story......and even after passing the exam and getting recommendation I still remember the whole modern history and geography 😎..... One more important point ..... "Tukke kis trh lagane hai". Sumit sir had explained it in a very good manner A very soft nature...... intersting class.feel free to ask any doubt anytime......over any topic. Again thanks a lot sir❤️


Learn with sumit is the best learning platform for NDA , teachers here are the best and just like your friends who always make every concept easy and spend lot of time to create a good content to make syllabus very easier. They cover every aspect of syllabus starting from current affairs to taking marathons at the end before the exam, and motivating sessions are also programmed so as to make children face every difficulty with ease. I thank learn with sumit channel and all the teachers for making my dream come true

Parikshit Somra

Sumit sir is the most wonderful and diverse teacher i came across during my schooling years . His teaching style is quite unique , thats how he transform the most boring topics to the most keen learning topic . His jolliness and interactiveness keeps the classs alive tho it virtual one feels that he is there physically teaching us over there . I am really grateful and thankful to him for helping me clear and join the NDA . Jai hind

Gaurav Singh

The word LWS is filled with so many emotions and memories , i think about my journey from being an aspirant to getting ready join NDA . I rememmber how sir cleared all the doubts and constantly motivated me. I had a dream of joining NDA and sir showed me the path to NDA. I was always excited about attending classes of Sumit sir , He made all the concepts so easy and never made any topic boring. I will always be thankful to LWS for playing a big part in my journey to NDA.The word LWS is filled with so many emotions and memories , i think about my journey from being an aspirant to getting ready join NDA .

Parth Sharma

I started attending classes of Sumit sir in April 2021 . I was not the kind of student who can sit all day and attend classes .but Sumit sir made it possible by his way of teaching.sumit sir made the learning part fun .everyday after practicing maths part .I used to attend Sumit sir classes even exhausted I was able to learn from it . Thank you so much learn with summit team

Aryan punia Designation

Learn with Sumit is the the best platform for your preparation of Nda Sumit sir clears the concepts easily and his research about the precision of concepts asked in exams is amazing Will find same question which he tell in class

Jasmine Designation

From learn with sumit you can prepare for NDA at the best level. It helps you at every step during your preparations

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