Roles of Freshers, Repeaters & Screenouts in SSB Selection 2023

SSB Selection Process 2023

Freshers, Repeaters, and Screenouts: How These Categories Impact SSB Selection Process 2023

SSB Selection Process 2023 – The Services Selection Board (SSB) is responsible for selecting candidates for various positions in the Indian Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy, and Air Force. The SSB selection process involves a series of tests and interviews that assess a candidate’s suitability for a particular position. During the selection process, candidates may be classified as freshers, repeaters, or screenouts, based on their performance. In this blog, we will explore what these terms mean for the SSB selection process.


Freshers are candidates who are appearing for the SSB for the first time. They are typically young and inexperienced in the selection process, and may not be fully aware of what to expect. Freshers are evaluated based on their performance in various tests, including the Intelligence Test, Psychological Test, and Group Discussion. (SSB Selection Process 2023)

Freshers have an advantage over repeaters in the sense that they are usually more enthusiastic and have a positive outlook toward the selection process. However, they may lack the experience and preparation required to perform well in the tests. To succeed as a fresher, candidates should prepare thoroughly and be confident in their abilities.


Repeaters are candidates who have previously appeared for the SSB but were not successful. They are typically more experienced in the selection process and may have a better understanding of what to expect. Repeaters are evaluated based on their previous performance as well as their current performance in the tests. (SSB Selection Process 2023)

Repeaters have a disadvantage compared to freshers in the sense that they may be demotivated due to their previous failure. However, they also have an advantage in the sense that they have already been through the selection process and may have identified areas where they need to improve. To succeed as a repeater, candidates should identify their weaknesses and work on them, while also maintaining a positive outlook towards the selection process.


Screenouts are candidates who have been eliminated from the selection process due to poor performance in the initial stages of the tests. They are typically eliminated after the Intelligence Test, which assesses a candidate’s reasoning ability and problem-solving skills. (SSB Selection Process 2023)

Screenouts have the lowest chance of success in the selection process, as they have not been able to demonstrate their suitability for the position. However, they can still learn from their experience and prepare better for future attempts. To succeed as a screenout, candidates should identify their weaknesses and work on them, while also seeking feedback from the SSB assessors to understand where they went wrong.

In conclusion, the terms freshers, repeaters, and screenouts are used to classify candidates based on their performance in the SSB selection process. Each category has its own advantages and disadvantages, and candidates should prepare accordingly to increase their chances of success. With proper preparation and a positive outlook, candidates can overcome the challenges posed by the selection process and achieve their goal of serving in the Indian Armed Forces.

SSB Selection Process 2023

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