50+ Personal Life Questions Asked In SSB Interview

The interview is a very important part of your SSB. IO has different ways of testing whether the person is fit enough for being an officer or not and some questions he asks are all at a go and they confuse the candidates and they generally go with the flow and answer something which dismisses their chances of selection. The candidate would need to grasp the questions being asked and respond in the same order as they were asked. Generally, the questions asked all at a go is divided into 6 CIQs or Comprehensive Information Questionnaire. These are standard questions asked by any Interviewing Officer in one go as follows:
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  1. Personal questions are asked to know more about your personality and check your knowledge and awareness about your own self.
  2. One must know about himself in and out, not only for SSB interview but to get success in life, one must know about his personality, good, bad, strengths, and weakness.
  3. While answering personal questions, your thoughts must be clear and you must answer with full confidence because you know yourself better than anyone else.
  4. Personal questions do not have right or wrong answers, you need to speak based on your beliefs and experiences. All you need to do is back up what you say, and you can only speak with confidence when you believe in things you are speaking, do not say something just for the sake of it or to look good.

Personal Self

  1. What is the meaning of your name?
  2. Meaning of other member’s names in your family.
  3. Name of place you come from and it’s significance.
  4. Any famous personality who come from the same place as yours
  5. Everything about your previous and current profession.
  6. Your 3 weaknesses and strengths.
  7. What all activities you do in your spare time.
  8. Your hobbies and interests.
  9. Also, tell me about your daily routine from morning till night.

It is very important for you to answer these questions clearly and confidently because this is something you can not prepare from a book or school, these are personal questions and one who knows himself in and out can answer them easily. Tell about everything frankly.

About Academics

  1. Tell me about your academic performance starting from your 10th till the graduation.
  2. Tell me the percentages scored by you in each class.
  3. Also tell me the games, sports and extra-curricular activities that you took part in your school and college.
  4. Also, do tell me who are your best friends and favorite teachers and what qualities you like in them.
  5. Tell me about your relationship with your friends and teachers and also tell me about your favorite subjects.
  6. 3 teachers, you did not like and why.
  7. Who is the worst/best boss/subordinate/colleague you have ever worked with and why? You may start.

Sir, I was a good performer in my school and college, above average. However, my scores are less as I go higher the classes- owing mostly to the extra-curricular and NCC I was a part of in my engineering.

My scores are —————. Justify your scoring fewer marks.

Apart from this, I was also a part of a college team/student body/NCC and as suited. My favorite teacher is XYZ because he explains the concepts better and as many times as I ask him. Hence, XXX is also my favorite subject because XYZ it is very practical and I understand it very well. I do not have any teacher particularly whom I hate but there is one teacher whom I like the least – XYZ because she is XYZ.

I do not have any best friends in particular because I have given them that much liberty and after that, I have my family, my studies and my career to take care of. At one time, you have a best friend in school, then in college, near home, and after completing college, one might have another best friend from work. So, it is very variable in my case. I do have a very wide circle of friends and whenever I meet them, the circle changes and I adapt myself according to it – my college friends, NCC friends, neighbor friends, school friends, friends I made from various national level camps around India and so forth.

However, I do have very good friends who are close to me and if I have to rank them, it would be XYZ and ZYX with whom I spend and share most of my time with.


  1. What type of friends you like.
  2. What type of friends you do not like.
  3. What places have you visited with your friends?
  4. Tell 3 qualities of your best friend.
  5. Tell 3 differences between you and your best friend.
  6. Tell 3 qualities you do not like in your best friend.
  7. How your friend will describe you?
  8. What are 3 things your friends do not like about you?
  9. Why are these people your friends,
  10. Tell a few instances where you helped your friends.

I like the kind of friends who mingle along easily, are adventurous, own up to their actions and respond to any initiatives. I do not like people who are self-obsessed and are introvert. We have toured Goa, LA, and plan to go to XYZ. These people are my friends because there are some things which are common in us. We honour everyone’s initiative to do something and encourage them. We help ourselves during exams, hang out together and share our happiness and sadness together.


  1. How many members are there in your family.
  2. Who do you not like in your family and why?
  3. Give a short description and your relationship with each member, closer to whom, why closer, whom you admire.
  4. Compare yourself with a common quality of your family.
  5. Compare yourself with any of your brother/s or sister/s.
  6. 3 things you do not like in your father.
  7. How your parents will describe you.
  8. How your siblings will describe you.
  9. Occupation of working members in the family, job profile, salary etc.

We are a family of 4. Not any member that I do not like but if I have to rank them on my liking, I like my father least because of XYZ. I am close to my sister and admire my father the most because of his dedication. We have one common quality in our family that we accept our actions – be it good or bad and always stand up for what is right.


  1. What are your plans on getting married to your girl/boyfriend?
  2. Have you ever had physical relations with someone?
  3. Do you watch p*orn?
  4. Why do you watch p*orn?
  5. What quality do you like in your GF/BF?

The answer might differ from person to person, but if it were me I’d say – ‘sir, I deny to answer this question.’

On Defence/GK/CA

  1. What do you know about Indian armed forces?
  2. Tell me 3 current affairs in news right now?
  3. Why do you want to join the defence?
  4. What if you didn’t make it?
  5. What are your alternate career options?
  6. Did you try for NDA, why not succeeded?
  7. Why not proper efforts were given?
  8. How will you benefit the organisation if selected?
  9. What improvements do you think are required in Indian armed forces?
  10. What is your stand on Kashmir Issue?
  11. What do you think about the modernization of the armed forces?


The best way to prepare for Interview is to question yourself and cross-question yourself again and again. Write down your responses as a flowchart and make sure your answers match with your responses in Psych tests.

Every question is asked in 5-6 sets of Comprehensive Information Questionnaire. 

Check out the Service Selection Board (SSB) Interview Process:-

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